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Since its inception in 1995 the Protego brand has supplied the world with True Random Number Generators(TRNG). ProtegoST products are the most secure and easy to integrate products on the market. In addition we offer a high level of support and add on services to make your development experience as simple and intuitive as we can.  Read on or get in touch and receive a free consultation.

True Random Number Generators


Our products

We have a wide range of products suited for your every need. Whether it be gaming, cryptography or defense.

Should you have any questions or need some help choosing a product do not hesitate to contact us.

Additional Information

Having access to a trusted True Random Number Generator in security critical applications is paramount.
If you cannot trust the randomness and unpredictability of your crypto keys or that the output from your gaming solution is random, you got a problem. 

For more than 20 years the Protego brand has delivered high quality True Random Number Generators 


TRNG solutions

We design our products with ease of integration and security in mind, so you can effectively meet your objectives. We have both USB and serial port hardware to offer. 

Lottery & Internet Gaming Solutions

Secure and trustworthy random numbers are essential for both online gaming and lotteries. Have you played on one of the major sites or bought a lotto ticket from you national lottery. Then the probability is high that you are losing or winning number came from our equipment! 
For you that are planning to start a business in this field should know that we have never had a failed certification for a customer in 20 years for our TRNG! 

Information Security Solutions

High-quality random numbers generated by a TRNG are the foundation for real trustworthy cyber security. VPN tunnels, key generating software, ATMs and other critical components of the world's information security infrastructure are dependent on our solutions. If you need to generate IV Vectors, encryption keys or build a reliable OTP encryption system, we have the solutions

Defense & Military Solutions
On the battlefield of today, secure communications and Infosec is a vital success factor. We deliver proven TRNG solutions, today used in COMSEC equipment, missiles and fighter jets.
If you want enable the generation of high quality keying material or IV vectors we are the company to contact. We also offer customized solutions in this field regarding hardening and direct integration in different systems. 

We have a multiple solutions to offer with a choice of different interfaces and configurations. Both USB and serial solutions.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux both 32 bit and 64 bit systems

Tested with Ubuntu, Red Hat, openSUSE, Arch Linux

All versions of Unix, we haven't had one that doesn't work.

All Windows operating systems - both 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

  • Windows 7 

  • Windows 10 

  • Windows Server 2019

  • Windows Server 2016 

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 

  • Windows Server 2012 

  • Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Windows Server 2008

  • Windows Server 2003 R2

  • Windows Server 2003 

Note other versions of Linux and Windows works with a high probability. 
Please contact us if you have any questions about compatibility for your operating system.


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