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Welcome to ProtegoST's Products & Solutions page, where you'll find use cases that demonstrate how customers have benefited from our user-friendly key generation system, Protego Keymaker™, our comprehensive testing and certification service, Protego Certify™, and our high-quality True Random Number Generators, the SG100 series. Explore our security offerings to understand why numerous customers rely on ProtegoST for safeguarding their valuable assets. We're here to help secure your organization with our range of products and solutions.

Case: Regulatory Compliance
Solution: Protego Certify

Case: A national lottery faced the challenge of adhering to gaming authority regulations, which required periodic checks of their True Random Number Generators (TRNGs). Previously, this process involved sending devices off-site for testing, resulting in a cumbersome and time-consuming experience.

Solution: ProtegoST provided an efficient alternative with Protego Certify™. By testing the TRNGs directly on the lottery's servers and uploading the results to Protego Certify™ Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, the national lottery streamlined their compliance process. This new approach saved both time and resources, ultimately benefiting the customer by reducing unnecessary work and expenses.

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Case: Secure Public Key Generation
Solution: Protego SG100™

Case: A customer sought a robust solution to establish a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for their IoT ecosystem. Their objective was to generate public key pairs securely for use with their IoT hub and endpoint IoT devices. The solution demanded a trusted platform with stringent security requirements.

Solution: Utilizing the Protego SG100 EVO-USB™ in combination with the Protego Software Development Kit (PSDK), the customer successfully devised a solution to generate and store public key pairs within a secure database. Protego delivered not only the essential hardware and software but also the technical expertise needed to successfully implement the customer's solution. This comprehensive package enabled the customer to achieve a secure and reliable PKI for their IoT system.

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Case: Anti-Counterfeit System
Solution: Protego Keymaker™

Case: A customer faced challenges with counterfeit products and required an effective solution. They sought a method to track their products from the factory's dispatch point to the moment their customers installed the components.

Solution: ProtegoST devised a comprehensive anti-counterfeit system leveraging the versatile Protego Keymaker™ key generation platform. The system generated micro QR codes tailored for seamless integration into the customer's ERP system. By exporting custom micro QR code formats, the customer could effortlessly create secure product labels. This end-to-end solution enabled the customer to confidently monitor their products throughout the supply chain, minimizing counterfeit risks and ensuring product authenticity.

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