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The SG100 True Random Number Generator 

Experience Unmatched Randomness for Critical Applications

Discover the power of true randomness with the SG100-series True Random Number Generator (TRNG). Engineered for a diverse range of applications, the SG100 delivers an extraordinary level of random number generation, providing top-tier security and reliability. Trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide since 1997, the SG100-series has been utilized in industries such as online gaming, military, and national security. The SG100's security has never been breached or compromised.

Efficient and Adaptable Randomness

In just one hour, the SG100 can generate an impressive volume of random numbers:

  • Shuffle 1,834,517 decks of cards

  • Produce 1,620,000 256-bit AES encryption keys

  • Create 20,736,000 distinct bingo lines

  • Generate 17,280,000 6/49 lotto combinations


To accommodate even higher demands, multiple SG100 devices can be deployed concurrently, offering increased volume and redundancy for crucial use cases. For seamless integration, we provide the ProtegoST Keymaker, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to simplify the deployment of multiple SG100 devices.

A System for Optimal Transparency

The SG100 TRNG is composed of two primary elements:

  1. A hardware noise generator, delivering true randomness at its core

  2. A software driver, compatible with Linux or Windows, for post-processing

The SG100 connects to your computer via a port driver, available as either a serial interface or a USB/serial interface. This innovative design allows you to scrutinize the analog characteristics of the noise source independently from the post-processing component, ensuring unparalleled transparency and confidence in the device's performance-

Trust but Verify

The SG100's unique separable design sets it apart from other TRNGs that merge the analog noise source and post-processing in a single unit. By allowing you to measure and verify the analog output from the signal, the SG100 ensures that you are working with a genuine random source, not a pseudorandom one, and provides peace of mind knowing your random numbers are generated with the highest integrity. Performance you can trust.


Get the Best TRNG Solution now!

Choose the SG100 True Random Number Generator for all your randomness requirements. Enjoy unrivaled security, reliability, and scalability, all while maintaining the utmost level of transparency. Don't leave your random number generation to chance – trust the proven SG100

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