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Protego Keymaker™

The easy way to generate secure encryption keys in multiple formats.


Welcome to KeyMaker!

ProtegoST® KeyMaker™ is a sophisticated tool for creating encryption keys, serial numbers, product keys, QR codes etc. KeyMaker doesn't restrict you to a set of predefined formats. This is the first software available of its kind. KeyMaker enables you to create encryption keys etc in a almost unlimited way. This without custom programming. You don't have to be an expert in cryptology .number theory or to be programmer to use KeyMaker. KeyMaker is the user-friendly alternativ.

The journey begins..

Below on this page, we will explain why Protego Keymaker is an excellent choice for your business, offering benefits in both interactive mode and when used with our REST API to meet the needs of your organization.
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The easy way to generate secure encryption keys in multiple formats

Define a format in FDL: 


Get a custom formatted key like this:



ProtegoST® Keymaker™ makes it simple to create encryption keys, serial numbers, product keys and QR codes. KeyMaker™ doesn't restrict you to a set of predefined formats, it enables you to create customized encryption keys and other unique customized identifiers in a easy way. And maybe best of all, this can be achieved without any custom programming! Keymaker™ utilizes a True Random Number Generator (TRNG) to ensure that that the random numbers used in generating encryption keys and other sensitive data are totally unpredictable and unbiased, making them highly secure.

You do not have to be an expert

ProtegoST® Keymaker™ in interactive mode, makes it simple to create encryption keys, serial numbers, product keys and QR codes.

With Keymaker™, you don't need to be an expert in cryptology or number theory to generate the output you need. Simply define your desired format and get what you want. Keymaker™ will handle the rest and do the hard work.


The two sides of Keymaker

The two sides of Keymaker

Keymaker™ provides two versatile access methods:

  • An intuitive web interface

  • A microservice offering a user-friendly REST API via the Keymaker™ server

Users can effortlessly interact with the web interface through the Web Client, while developers can access the microservice REST API using any modern programming language via the REST Client interface. This makes it easy to integrate Keymaker™ solutions into your existing work flow and development environment.

Web Interface
Generate a custom keyfile in CSV, SQL, or JSON format

The Web Interface

Keymaker™ enables users to export generated keys in a variety of versatile file formats, including CSV, JSON, and SQL. The generated files are compatible with any system that accepts the import of these file formats, ensuring seamless transactions. This feature makes it easy to incorporate Keymaker's encryption keys into existing workflows, as well as new applications and solutions. Besides the keys generated and specified by the FDL-string, the files can also include supplementary information like row number, creation time, and a key integrity check.

Example output in JSON


Rest API
Example code in Python


The Keymaker™ API is a fully-featured, easy-to-integrate REST API compatible with any modern programming language. As a web service adhering to the principles and constraints of Representational State Transfer (REST), the Keymaker™ API employs resource-oriented URLs, accepts form-encoded request bodies, returns JSON-encoded responses, and utilizes standard HTTP response codes and authentication. To enhance security, the Keymaker™ API relies on JWT Bearer Tokens in HTTP request headers, ensuring access to the API and its resources is granted only to authorized clients. Almost everything achievable through the web interface can also be accomplished using the REST API, providing comprehensive functionality for various use cases.

Support and other resources
Building on the robust capabilities of the Keymaker™ API, we're here to help you speed up the implementation of your customized solutions. Our online documentation and Keymaker™ GitHub repository provide extensive resources and examples, making the API integration process easier. Take advantage of these valuable resources to ensure a smooth and efficient incorporation of the functionality that Keymaker provides into your projects.

Experience the Power of KeyMaker™ for Yourself

Discover how ProtegoST® KeyMaker™ can enhance your data security and in other ways be a solution to your business needs and streamline your processes. With its user-friendly approach to generating encryption keys, serial numbers, product keys, and more, KeyMaker™ simplifies your work without sacrificing quality.
Interested in seeing the difference KeyMaker™ can make in your business? Provide your contact information here, and our team will reach out to you via email, phone, for a personalized demo or for a personalized demo.
Take the first step and unlock the full potential of KeyMaker™ for your projects. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate how KeyMaker™ can benefit you and your business.


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