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For easy use of our True Random Number TRNG products in the SGxxx series, we recommend that you purchase the Protego Software Development Kit PSDK. It could be used for development of new applications supporting the SG100 line of devices. You will get driver redistribution rights for your application with the purchase of the PSDK.

Software Development Kit PSDK

SKU: 300
    • Easy to use API interface, Immediate action if the device fails.
    • Fast response to the calling process.
    • Interface for multiple processes reading noise.
    • Do not deliver low quality noise when first called or if called repeatedly.
    • The devices are interchangeable in your application if you use the PSDK.

    Operating Systems and Platforms supported:

    All versions of Linux/MacOS/Windows including Linux x86_64 and Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.
    Source code included for total Linux driver stack. Some legacy drivers is only delivered in binary form. 

  • Product flyer
    Windows prebuilt drivers Programmers Ref.
    Linux/Win source code drivers Ref.

    Please visit Information->Technical Info on this site for actual documents.

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