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The SG100 true random number generator TRNG platform, introduced in 1996, have for many years been used in a number of demanding applications. The SG100 has classical serial interface and is powered over the same interface, this makes connection easy both to legacy systems and embedded systems where a serial port is present. The SG100 contains no digital processing in the signal path, it´s a pure 100% analog device. This means that there is not even a theoretical chance for an adversary to hack the SG100. When combined with the PSDK software running on your own system, you have total control over the signal conditioning.  

Product weight 20g

SG100 Serial Starter Pack PSDK

SKU: 410
  • Electrical Interface: RS232 - serial interface
    Physical Interface: DB9, nine pin connector
    Bitrate: 115.200 bit/s
    Random numbers/sec produced: 3.600 32bit integers
    Powered over the serial interface
    Software included: none

    Interface electrical: USB 2.0 
    Physical: USB A Male 
    Bitrate: 115.200 bit/s
    Random number sec: 3.600 32bit integers
    Power: Over USB
    Operating Systems and Platforms supported:

    All versions of Linux including Linux x86_64 and Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.  Drivers not included in product.

  • Product flyer
    Statistical tests SG100 TRNG
    pLab University report SG100 TRNG
    Electrical measurments SG100 TRNG

    Please visit Information->Technical Info on this site for actual documents.

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