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ProtegoST hardware random number generators are pretty special on their own: secure, easy to check for tampering, durable, but what makes our product truly unique is the developer experience. 

We are the TRNG company that can offer the following:

  1. A proven noise source based on quantum noise. 

  2. A solid well proven API with support for multiple operating systems.

  3. All needed drivers in source code.[1]

  4. Relevant examples in source code Lotto etc.

  5. First cloud based SaaS solution for quality assurance and testing of TRNG devices.
    [1] Some legacy drivers are delivered in binary form only.

Protego is a world leader in TRNG solutions. Our devices and solutions can be found creating the numbers for the world's biggest lotteries, powering the security in missile guiding systems and driving the security systems of the future.

We pride ourselves in maintaining high security, constant stability and easy integration. When you buy a ProtegoST product you are not just getting a hardware random number generator; you are getting a full solution.

ProtegoST can offer anything from testing services to custom hardware solutions. All our solutions come with a high level of support, we look forward to working with you. 

Lottery & Internet Gaming Solutions 

Secure and trustworthy random numbers are essential for both online gaming and lotteries. Have you played on one of the major sites or bought a lotto ticket from you national lottery. Then the probability is high that you are losing or winning number came from our equipment. 

For you that are planing to start a business in this field should know that we have never had a failed certification for a customer in 20 years! 

Defense & Military Solutions

On the battlefield of today, secure communications and Infosec is a vital success factor. We deliver proven solutions, today used in COMSEC equipment, missiles and fighter jets.

If you want enable the generation of high quality keying material or IV vectors we are the company to contact. We also offer customized solutions in this field regarding hardening and direct integration in different systems. 

Information Security Solutions

High-quality random numbers are the foundation for real trustworthy cyber security. VPN tunnels, key generating software, ATMs and other critical components of the world's information security infrastructure are dependent on our solutions.

If you need to generate IV Vectors, encryption keys or build a reliable OTP encryption system, we have the solutions.

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